Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fall Is In The Air

Good Morning!

It has been too long!   I have been super crazy busy since my last post.  Excuses, I know...  Football season has begun, and between work and being a good wifey, I have been slacking on the blogging.  My apologies!  So over the past month here are a couple of things I have cooked up. 

Homemade chicken enchiladas (healthier version) with fresh guac!
Indian food (restaurant)!!! Yes! Chicken Tikka Masla with a glass of Shiraz. 

Bfast fav- egg and egg white with reduce fat cheese (cannot forget the salsa) and banana and strawberries.
I recently tried a coconut water.  For a first, surprisingly refreshing especially on a hot day :)
Fresh chicken spinach feta sausage with wheat pasta tossed in basil pesto and fresh parm
Of course a classic tuna with light mayo and dill relish
One day after work, I recently made a trip out to one of the local farms I had heard about in our area.  It was so wonderful!  As I arrived, I saw some beautiful flowers that I could not pass up.  They were huge yellow mums for only $2.00.  What a bargain!  There is nothing like two huge mums to place on the front porch with your cute fall wreath.  (Yeah I am one of those girls). 
The farm actually has areas to pick our own stuff (whatever is in season at the time).  I will be making another trip very soon to pick a out a couple of pumpkins. 
You can also go the the huge white tent where it is set up like a farmers market.  The place is filled with fresh fruits and veggies and homemade tasty treats.  While I was there, I picked up a half a peck of the pixie crunch apples,  fresh green beans, red potatoes, green bell peppers, couple of pears and onions, and some homemade apple butter mmm!
If you get opportunities, I high recommend to support your local farmers. Buy fresh, buy local!
Now with the days getting shorter and a slight chill in the air, I get this crazy motivation to get outside and get moving.  Here is a great article I recently found. 
I believe if walking could be prescribed as a pill, it would be the most popular prescriptions in the world.  There are sooo many benefits when it comes to walking.  For me personally, fall is the best time to get outside for a nice walk.  The weather is perfect, it isn't too warm or cool.  Plus, it is wonderful to see all the pretty fall colors.  This is my walking partner. 

As you can see she is always ready to go.
Another part about fall that I absolutely love is big sweaters, boots, Starbucks skinny pumpkin lattes, and a nice glass of red wine.... AHHHH! Pure bliss!
So that about sums it up here. I highly encourage you to get a friend, get outside, and enjoy this time of year!   Tilll next time!