Saturday, July 24, 2010

Get R Done!

Good Morning!

So I apologize for no entry yesterday. It was a crazy long Friday! I started off my day with part II of the super berry and nanner smoothie. Love them!!!
There has been a heat advisory the last couple of days, and our gym isn't air conditioned. We ended up closing early due to safety reasons. It was nice, because I had some much needed errands to get done. Before I left work, I had to get my workout in. No better way to start off the weekend than with a kick booty TRX workout, especially in a gym that is 97 degrees. I do not recommend that to just anyone. Please listen to your body and stay hydrated when you workout during these hot summer months.
After work, I ran into Best place ever for cool electronic stuff. I finally got a new camera!!!!! Woot Woot! Read the directions (DUH!) and charge it up, so it is ready to go.
While I was looking at cameras I decide to take a peek at some fun games for our Wii, per request from Coach. I ended up picking a fun golf game. We will be trying it out this weekend, will let you know how it goes. Tip: If you don't want to go to the gym why not break out a Wii or any other game over the weekends and have fun while being active!
After that, I headed over to a thrift store. Coach and I are getting ready for my lil sis to visit next weekend. So I am finishing up getting the guest room ready. I have been shopping for queen box springs. I didn't think it would be that hard. I was sadly mistaken. Plus, not having a truck here makes it a little tougher.
I finally found a box spring for $4.99 (that is my kind of shopping). Couldn't pass it up! With a deal like that I knew that it wouldn't make it till Sunday when Coach would be back home. Of course the thrift store couldn't put it on hold for 24hrs???? Frustrated, I called Coach to share my poor me story. Being the supportive husband he his, he told me, "if you want that bad just throw it on top of your car, you aren't going that far!" With a certain determination, I ran to Wally world picked up some rope. Ran back to the thrift store and purchased my queen box spring. The most interesting part of this whole story, was me going down the road in my little car with a mattress strapped on the top of my car during rush hour traffic! Luckily, home is less than a mile down the road, and I got stopped by every light. I never even got above 35 mph. A picture would have been awesome for this one!
When I got home, I asked this little teenage boy who was riding his scooter to help take the mattress off. I tried to give him a couple bucks, but he was too nice. Everything worked out, and I got my mattress home to finish the room.
To finish the get - r - done story, while I was at Wally World, I figured what the HEY, why don't I get the stuff to hang my bike up in the garage, and move my grill on to the porch. What a way to finish a Friday evening??? Whew! I was exhausted by the end. Morale of the story, when a girl whats something bad enough.... she WILL figure out a way to get it done. ;)
Dinner was nothing special, left over roasted chicken, herb pasta, and steam broccoli. Then two of my awesome "Super- Super Charge Me" ahhhh bliss!
Saturday, off to work early morning. MUST HAVE BIG CUP OF JOE!!!!!! Taking the day off from working out, but have major house cleaning to look forward too. That is a workout by itself. BLEH!!!! This evening I am looking forward to a lovely night out with Coach for some dinner and maybe some jazz?
Hope everyone is has a wonderful weekend! Stay cool!

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