Thursday, August 19, 2010

Football season is almost here!

Good Evening!

Hope you all have had a wonderful week. YEAH!!!!!! Tomorrow is Friday!

So as we continue to approach the beginning of football season, I wanted to share this special clip with all my football family and friends. I have always loved fall and ESPECIALLY loved football. My love began at a young age, and grew more and more especially during those fun college years.

Going to a big SEC school I know all about the big tailgates and die heart rivalries. It was no surprise to see the huge RVs coming rolling in on Wednesdays to set up their tailgating spots for the upcoming game Saturday. Then Friday thru Sunday you would hang out at the tailgating spot with all your college buddies and family. Man I miss those days!

Of course these days are different, but what better way to stay apart of the game than to marry it!

Early morning tomorrow! That is all for now!

Something to think about: What was your best memory of college?

Fitness tip: Fridays can be a hard day to find the motivation to get in a good workout, so why not try a hip hop dance or Zumba class (you can even try a DVD). What better way to burn calories and have fun exercising!

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